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Thank You So Much…

Originally written in April of 2012 with periodic updates since then.

If you’re reading this, then it’s bad news. I’m sorry. I set this post to trigger on this date at this time to give me the time to delete it if things went my way. If you’re reading this, then it means that things went against me. And if things went against me, then I am officially resigning my post in the League and leaving the RP. I’ll explain. But before I do, I want to sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart…


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Pardon my query, but do the rest of you have trouble with your robot servants choosing to disturb ducks outside your window when you are trying to meditate?

Pardon my query, but do the rest of you have trouble with your robot servants choosing to disturb ducks outside your window when you are trying to meditate?

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It’s All Hallow’s Eve… morning.


(( Good morning and Happy Halloween you wankers!


My Jason Blood plot thingy is just a few hours away [click here for a brief description].  Basically, the immortal mage is reading signs that point to a dangerous event that will occur on Halloween, maybe involving the undead - he’s not sure.  He has sent jars of his concoction all around the League that is supposed to allow the fighter to do battle against the forces of evil.

I opened the plot up to everyone.  It won’t be long and I plan for it to be over by around lunch time.  I just wanted to give any stragglers one last chance to jump aboard.  So far, I’ve got four responses in addition to Jason himself:

  • Ollie
  • Kyle
  • Dick
  • Mar’i

If anyone else wants to jump aboard, let me know!  Do it now!  Don’t wait!  I’ll be sending out anon asks to all participants soon detailing the plot situation for you!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Immortal Knight/Demon, 

JaEtriganson ))

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All Hallow’s Eve


(( Hey all you twits and wankers out there in the Justice Lounge - I need a quick Halloween Head Count!

If any of you want to play in Jason Blood’s Halloween plot, then like this post by tomorrow morning.  

It’s a small but eventful plot, I promise.  It will be quick and over by around lunch time in the Central time zone, so there’s no big commitment here.  It won’t prevent you from attending any Halloween parties or anything like that.

If I see that you liked this post and want in, I will send you an anon ask detailing your corner of the plot.  If some of you want to partner or team up, send me a message and let me know.  I can tailor my anon ask to you that way.  If you want, you can even post a thread about getting Jason’s warnings and popping the top off the jars of ju ju he sent out.  But that’s totally up to you and totally optional.  I will do my best to get the anon ask out to you ASAP.

Ok.  That’s all.  I hope you join me for what should be  quick and fun plot on All Hallow’s Eve! ))

(( Just a repost to catch anyone who might have missed it earlier… ))
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Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand, Workin' in the dark against your fellow man. But as sure as God made black and white, What's done in the dark will be brought to the light! You can run on for a long time, Run on for a long time, Run on for a long time, Sooner or later God'll cut you down!
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On Mars, we never feared the blade. H’ronmeer’s instrument of harvest was not the scythe, it was the flame…

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Kenneth, what is the frequency?
Anonymous asked

I, ah, what frequency now? Are you looking for Kenneth?

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(( Pumpkin Carving 2013

My kids and I picked out a pumpkin, drew out a design, scooped out the guts, and carved this ode to the Bat. I thought you all might enjoy checking it out… ))

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“How many of then J’onn?”

“Seventeen by my count” the Martian answered.

“But Mongul escaped your justice?”

“Unfortunately, yes” J’onn replied, looking at the two companions with him in the Watchtower cafeteria.  “But we did manage to cripple his operation.  Both Zatanna and Green Lantern were instrumental in that part.”

“Good for them!  Now, what did you say it was called again?  Swarm of Power?”

Storm of Sorrows” J’onn answered.  “It is an advanced Manhunter technique taught only to a select few on Mars.  I performed a… a modified version.”

“I think I remember you doing it once before, a couple of years back when we were battling Intergang?”

“Yes” J’onn answered, averting his gaze.

“So you’ve actually seen him actually perform it in action?!  What did it look like?”

“Well, it all really looked like a blur.  A swirling mass of -”

“It is nothing I do lightly, really” J’onn interrupted.  “And certainly not often.  It requires a substantial physical exertion and has been known to take a toll on past Manhunters.  But when the situation calls for the quick hinderance of a large number of enemies, I can respond with -”

“Yes!  If the tales I’ve heard are accurate, it must be terrific weapon in the employ of a great warrior, J’onn!”

“I derive no pleasure from it” the Martian answered, looking down at his food.

A few moments of silence ticked by between the trio.

“So you filed your report then?”

“Of course” J’onn responded.  “It has been logged on the League mainframe.”

“If only we had something like this on my home planet!  If only I had the ability to… wait, you said you modified it?”

J’onn nodded as he listlessly picked at the food on his plate.

“Well share, man!  How did it originally work?”

“I’m not sure he wants to talk about it.”

“Nonsense!  We are all warriors here; warriors share stories of victory and triumph!”

“We are all different.  If J’onn wanted to talk about it, he would talk about it…”

“Bah!  I want to know!  I want to know how the Storm of Sorrows worked when used in its original -”

“Decapitation” J’onn said.  The word hung in the air and settled down over the three Leaguers.  “The Storm of Sorrows should end with the decapitation of all enemies.  I chose to injure mine instead.”  

Silence.  Only the normal sounds of the comings and goings in and around the cafeteria were heard.  Somewhere, at the opposite end of the large room, someone dropped a plate and cursed.

“J’onn, I…”

The Martian rose from his chair and picked up his tray.  “It is fine Arthur” he said.  “Do not worry.  I have to go.  I am on Monitor Duty soon.”

“Martian!  You should not let things like this weigh on you!  A warrior must sometime dirty his hands in order to survive!”

“I am not a warrior, Katar” J’onn said.  “I am a philosopher.  And a Manhunter of Mars.”  The  Martian walked away towards the tray return area.

The two remaining League members watched him go.  “I still wish I could have seen it like you did!” Katar said.

Arthur rose from his chair.  “I’m done here” he announced.

“You’ve hardly eaten anything!” Katar said.

“I lost my appetite,” Arthur responded as he walked away, “when I found one of your feathers in my soup.”

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(( I couldn’t resist posting these - it’s “Cowboy Up Against Drugs Day” or something like that.  I’m not real sure…  All I am sure about is that my boy makes a pretty darn rootin’, tootin’, cute cowboy! 

Bonus points for all you Disney/Pixar nerds out there - that hat he’s wearing?  It’s a Woody hat he got for Xmas last year. ))

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(( Last week I bragged on my daughter.  Today I get to brag on my boy!  It’s Red Ribbon Week at his elementary school - that’s a drug free program if you didn’t know - and each day is a different theme.  Monday was “Band Together Against Drugs” Day where everyone wore bandanas, yesterday was “Too Bright for Drugs” Day where everyone wore sunglasses.  Today is “Be a Hero - Say No to Drugs” Day.

Well, we didn’t have to go deep into the wardrobe for this one.  A super hero shirt and cape are always nearby in our house!  Anyway, is he super cute or what?!? ))